Monday, May 21, 2012

Podcast Ep 6 Season Recap

Season Recap, Thank you to my teammates, coaches, and fans. Great to be back home in the good old US Season Recap, Thank you to my teammates, coaches, and fans. Great to be back home in the good old US of A!!! Getting geared up for the Nick Lewis Skills Camp this summer in Phoenix. Going to be a great week!!! Preparing for summer and all the crazy things that are in store so keep checkin back!!
Thanks to Matt for the Website
Thanks to Jack and Reggie for all the work!!

Life of Basketball Ep 6

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Podcast Episode 5

This episode I talk about starting the playoffs and our season in a little recap, talk about what happens at Pizza Hut after our game, and what it has meant to me to live and travel in Europe.  Please share with friends and family to help get us moving forward and hopefully on iTUNES.  Also leave me a comment about content, ask a questions, or just say you like it!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life of Basketball Ep. 4

This weeks episode I talk about spring time coming to Poland, doing a little redneck bbq polish style, and introduce "Cooking with Loski".  More good stories about living around the world and bouncing a round ball.  Subscribe to the feed and download for the ride to work tomorrow!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Listen in

Well I have really taken a liking to this podcasting.  I have published 3 episodes and each one gets a little better but bottom line I am just having a really good time with it.  It gives me the opportunity to share more stories and share interviews with my teammates which gives you a look at what we do while we are over here playing ball both on and off the court.

Episode 3 I share a few stories about what it is like to stay in hotels in Europe.  6'10" dude sleeping in a small bed.  "Big guy on a little bed, big guy on a little bed" also some thoughts on the NFL and the NCAA tourney.  Please have a listen and like my podcast page, subscribe through iTunes, leave a comment, ask a question, or whatever you want just enjoy!!
Life of Basketball Podcast ep. 3